Monday, August 20, 2007

Kevin Rudd in strip club shock!

Good god.

What do you know? Kevin Rudd is human after all, not some bland blancmange of a man who's all soundbite and no soul. I can just imagine the Liberal Party rubbing their greasy hands when they heard Rudd had got blind in a US strip club; and the Hun editors salivating in tabloid glee. "This will take the wind out of his sails," they must have tittered to one another over their port and cigars in a backroom at the Melbourne Club, as they warmed their fat arses over a fire of burning peasants. "This will bring the little oik down a peg or two."

But you know what? I reckon it might actually help, rather than hinder Rudd's election chances.

"Geez, he's just a regular bloke after all," the great unwashed might start to think. "He likes his beers and strippers too, just like the rest of us."

What's next in the (increasingly desperate-seeming) arsenal of smear campaign tricks, do you think?


mskp said...

peter beattie actually said "it shows he's got blood in his veins". i think it shows no imagination but whatever.

Robguy said...

Karl Rove resigns in the US to try his hand in Australian politics?

This seemed like a huge yawn to me. I know the trip was taxpayer funded but it's not like he took the trip to see the strippers. Did he tip the strippers with tax money? Like they say in the US - let me know when they find him with a dead hooker or a live boy.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I am unwashed, and think the whole thing is somewhat irrelevant to the political makes him seem more human to me and I am glad it is public...

but still it is just a distractor from the libs... a great distance from the issues i really should be considering before I vote:

- parity for gay relationships
- health security for my future
- education security for the countries future
- revision of workplace legislation to ensure income security for all tiers in the workplace

(just some late night thoughts...thanks for the forum to air them :D)

Anonymous said...

I like to think of the 'Hun' editors sitting in their grubby mackintosh's, still gathering in the Duke of Wellington for the cheapest red while they devise the cheapest bi-lines.

Gemnastics said...

It certainly made him a tiny bit more likeable in my mind.

richardwatts said...

Ditto mine, Gempires. Now all we need is some more policy statements from the man...

Anonymous said...

I also felt a little more sympathetic to Rudd until I heard the comments from the club owner yesterday. ‘Oh, this just won’t do’ sadly sounds exactly like the Rudd we know.

The man couldn’t get any more boring if he tried.

Maybe that’s just the price we have to pay, the means to our desired end, so to speak, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

FireHorse said...

I want to read that Tony Abbott smoked some crystal meth in a sleazy KX motel with a 17 year old male sex worker he picked up at 'the wall'.

"I thought he was a girl. I never went down on him. He told me he was 21."